About Us

“Anne Wray IFA” is a firm of professionally qualified Independent Financial Advisers. We are a family firm specialising in giving advice to the clergy and the Christian community, whilst also welcoming the opportunity to work with all other clients. For over twenty five years we have given advice to clients on a wide range of financial matters from pensions and investments to mortgages and life assurance.

Our approach comprises listening carefully to each client’s needs, considering their desired lifestyle, then offering jargon-free solutions appropriate to their personal circumstances. In addition to the qualifications required to be an Independent Financial Adviser, Anne has undergone additional training, and has been awarded the Edexcel Level 2 and 3 BTEC Certificate in Life Coaching Skills and Practice. She has also studied the techniques of George Kinder, founder of the Kinder institute of Life Planning.

We believe in telling clients the real truth about money and offer a 100% commitment to helping each one achieve their goals, ambitions and desired lifestyle. We love what we do and we love to help others feel that way too.

As Independent Financial Advisers, “Anne Wray IFA” can provide advice on products from across the whole financial market.  It is only with access to such a wide range of products that we can recommend the most appropriate solution for each of our clients.


We support CAFOD

The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development. CAFOD stand beside people living in poverty – whatever their religion or culture.


Meet the Team

Anne Wray

Tel: 01257 233023

About Anne

Anne has a great deal of experience as an Independent Financial Adviser, firstly working with Methodist Insurance and then, for the over 25 years acting independently in her own practice.  She has a high level of qualification in the field, holding the full Financial Planning Certificate (FPC), the Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA) and holds a current Statement of Professional Standing (SPS.) As additional training, Anne has been awarded the Edexcel Level 2 and 3 BTEC Certificate in Life Coaching Skills and Practice, and has also studied the techniques of George Kinder, founder of the Kinder institute of Life Planning.

Specializing in advice for clergy, their families and the local community, Anne seeks to provide a first-class service, offering a range of services for clients from all backgrounds. Focusing on peoples’ present needs and future aspirations is a challenging and rewarding part of her work.  These may include, where appropriate, strategies for growth or income, tax wrappers, such as ISAs, and with a detailed knowledge of investment options is able to give advice on choosing a discretionary fund manager, handling managed or tracker funds as part of an asset allocated portfolio.

Anne lives in Chorley, is married to Martin, and they have three children, five grandchildren and two dogs. Family is an important part of her life – to the extent that one son, daughter and granddaughter now work with her in the business! Her hobbies are mostly working with textiles, more recently achieving Distinction in a Professional Floristry Course with the Judith Blacklock Flower School, Knightsbridge.  The offices have some interesting flower designs displayed!

Melanie Wray

Tel: 01257 233023

About Melanie

Melanie, Anne and Martin’s daughter, has worked in financial services since joining Anne Wray in 2004.  Initially working as the Office Manager, Melanie progressed to become an adviser in the practice in 2007.  This experience of working in an independent practice has helped her to understand the priority clients’ needs in any transaction. She is qualified to level 4 diploma in financial planning, and level 3 certificate in mortgage advice and practice and gives advice and guidance on investments and mortgages.

Melanie loves working with her family and enjoys the continuing links with her clients, to help them find the best solutions as their needs develop and change over the years.

Melanie lives in Chorley with her partner, Lee, her three children, Megan, Daniel and Hollie and their 2 cocker spaniels and a cavapoochon.

Thomas Wray

Tel: 01257 233023

About Thomas

Tom, Martin and Anne’s son, has worked in the practice since 2007. He acts as office manager as well as overseeing all the complexities of the IT systems currently required, where he is also able to use his particular interests in excel spreadsheets, and web design.

Tom is a skilled amateur photographer, loves cycling, walking and playing the guitar. He is married to Lucy and they live in Chorley with their son, Benjamin.

Megan Wray

Tel: 01257 233023

About Megan

Megan joined our firm in 2020, the eldest daughter of Melanie, and Anne’s granddaughter. Megan is a qualified will writer and training to be a mortgage adviser.  Megan enjoys Cheer-Dance and competes in competitions, she also enjoys crafts, going on walks and spending time with family.



Bill and Ben 

About Bill and Ben

Bill and Ben  are probably the most important members of the team! They both guard the office and let us know when clients and the postman arrive.  They have a very favourite postman who brings them a biscuit when he collects the mail in the afternoon ! You may hear them in the background sometimes if you call the office as they do like to be heard!  Ben likes tea time and Bill likes to be in charge.  Bill and Ben dislike Mum going away on holiday!

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